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Jatoba : HC : Brazillian Cherry

Jatoba : HC : Brazillian Cherry

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That's pronounced Ja-duh-buh ... not Jah-toe-buh. We were corrected by one of our customers that is a doctor who lived in Brazil for many years. It has another name - Brazilian Cherry as it has similar coloring characteristics to our North American Cherry, but is not related in any other way.  In it's natural state, the boards are a little darker than our cherry found in the USA.

The wood is used primarily for flooring and furniture.  It is very hard and dense.

Jatoba is a huge canopy tree growing up to 130 feet tall; the crown is spreading and sometimes the base develops buttresses. It produces small red flowers and an oblong brown pod containing 3 - 4 seeds with a pulp that is edible.

In traditional medicine, the smooth gray bark of the jatoba tree is regarded as a natural energy tonic.
It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

At the base of the tree, a light natural yellow resin (copal) can be found; it is used in the production of varnish. Upon burning it has the smell of pine and it is also employed in traditional medicine.
Tea made from the bark is used against intestinal parasites and indigestion.

This wood is one of the hard woods used in high-end wood flooring.  It is a rich color and is about 30% harder than white oak. It sands and buffs very nicely and feels very smooth in the hand due to the close grain.

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