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For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith;
and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.
Ephesians 2:8

PC : Morning Prayer : PrayerCube

PC : Morning Prayer : PrayerCube

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When I was a child of six or seven, I would visit my grandmother every summer for a month.  I always enjoyed that time because it was new and different.  It wasn't home but felt like home.  My grandmother would do things a little different than my mom.  From cooking to cleaning to caring for the family, grandma was always happy to spend time with me.

One thing she insisted on was that each morning begin in prayer.  She said it was just as important at the beginning of the day to pray as it was at the end of the day.  So, she taught me to pray in the morning.

My sister was and is an evening person.  I've always been a morning person.  Morning prayer was easier for me.  Bedtime prayers were harder because I was at the end of my day.  

You may have children or grandchildren with different internal clocks too.  

"Jesus, gentle Shepherd, Bless your child today.
Keep me in Thy footsteps, never let me stray.
Guard me through the daytime.  Every hour I Pray.
Keep my feet from straying, from the narrow way.  Amen."

"Lord, in the morning I start each day by taking a moment to bow and pray.
I start with thanks and ghen give praise, for all your kind a loving ways." 

"Now before I run to play, let me not forget to pray.
To God who kept me through the night and waked me with the morning light.
Help me, Lord, to love thee more, Than I ever loved before.
In my work and in my play, be thou with me through the day.  Amen."

"God in heaven hear my prayer, keep me in thy loving care.
Be my guide in all I do, bless all those who love me too.  Amen. "

"Keep my little tongue today, keep it gentle while I play.
Keep my hands from doing wrong; keep my feet the whole day long.
Keep me all, O Jesus mild, Keep me ever your dear child.  Amen."

"Jesus, keep me all this day, when at school and when at play.
May I do all things I ought, may I hate each evil thought.
Help me love and trust in Thee, now and through eternity.  Amen."

Our Morning PrayerCubeTM  is a tactile and visible reminder at the beginning of the day to give thanks and praise to Him.  

Product Features

  • All natural wood - Price is for each cube
  • no laquers, stains, paint or ink to wear off
  • laser engraved for a lasting gift
  • made in Frisco, Texas - USA
  • 2.5" cube - just right for a table, desk or night stand
  • Comes in an ivory organza bag and includes a StoryTag


The picture shows four cubes for representation. The price is for one cube.

  • Model: 336-13711
  • Shipping Weight: 0.26lbs

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