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Engraving Service for HoldingCrosses - One Side Only

Engraving Service for HoldingCrosses - One Side Only

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Yes, we can engrave the HoldingCross.   You must pick a wood for The HoldingCross to be engraved.  The price of the engraving is for the engraving service only.

We use a laser to engrave each cross. The price is for the engraving of one side of one cross. If you are ordering more than one HoldingCross to be engraved please add the total number of sides in the quantity field when ordering.

If you want to engrave BOTH sides of a HoldingCross, please select the Two-sided Service (click here).

The standard offering is one line of text across the center of the HoldingCross, but we can accommodate multiple lines or names at no additional charge.

We have several font styles we generally use

  • Times New Roman
  • Arial
  • Lucidia Calligraphy script (most popular) 
  • Bold Caps

The size of the font will depend on the number of characters. We can get pretty small ...

Some suggestions ....

  - name and date for a Confirmation, Ordination, First Communion, Wedding

  - List of children's names (or grandchildren)

  - Scripture reference to encourage

  - personal message

You can look at the pre-engraved HoldingCross category to get some ideas.


If you have just one line - like a name - then the size can be larger. If you have a name and a scripture reference, then we usually do the name larger and the reference on the second line and a little smaller. When considering three lines, the first line should be shorter, then the second line longest and then the third line the same as the first.


Please allow 3 - 5 days for your order.

The engraving price DOES NOT include the price of your wood selection of HoldingCross.

If you are ordering multiple HoldingCrosses with multiple messages, be as precise as possible in your message ... or just call us to make sure we can make your gift very special.


When ordering this item, please give us your ENGRAVING INSTRUCTIONS in the notes and comment section when you are checking out your order.  

Be sure to spell correctly and exactly what you would like the lettering to be.  Spaces, special characters, upper and lower case lettering are part of the message so be precise and specific. The more words, the smaller the font. If you want a scripture with more than 30 words, you should consider picking a wood like Cherry or Maple. With more than 30 words, the letters get pretty small and the open grain woods like oak or the dark colors like bloodwood or purpleheart are NOT recommended.

All graphics and designs created by HoldingCross.com will remain the property of HoldingCross.com.

  • Model: 915-000

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