Handcrafted wooden crosses and ministry tools
for the Body of Christ
For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith;
and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.
Ephesians 2:8

The HoldingCross - info

The HoldingCross is very special to us. We created this design for Carol's Hospice and Nursing ministry 
in 2001. Since that time the Lord has revealed so many other purposes for this unique hand cross made of wood.

Unfortunately, there are many that covet the ministry and work our family does.   We don't sell on EBAY.
We don't sell on AMAZON. We don't sell on ETSY.   WE SELL ONLY ON-LINE through our website or at many US based
Christian Retail Stores, such as LifeWay Christian Stores, and local church bookstores.

Since the inspiration of the Lord to make a simple wooden hand cross, we decided to name our company after 
this specific design to give Him the glory and encourage others to come to the Cross.The HoldingCross symbolizes
so much of our personal Christian walk and how the Lord provides and sustains us in times of need.

There is nothing we can do to be saved except to believe in Jesus Christ and to know that 
by the blood of the Lamb we have been redeemed.

The unfinished wood of The HoldingCross is a reminder in my hand of the Finished work on the
wooden Cross of Christ and that I'm in His hand.
The HoldingCross is MADE IN THE USA and is handcrafted at our family workshop in Frisco, Texas
and is designed to gently lay in the palm of your hand and is meant to be simply held. Our grasp is not symmetrical 
and neither is The HoldingCross.  It is a personal hand cross.  The wood feels comfortable to the touch.
There is no chemical finish on our wooden crosses to cover or hide the natural beauty of the wood.
Each are shaped, sanded and buffed. In a way, that is very much like us.

He's not finished with us. He's just shaping and molding us into His image. As we spend hours handcrafting
each cross, we are reminded of the work of salvation.

We get many comments of how The HoldingCrossis being used as gifts to the elderly and infirm, 
for the grandchildren, a loved one serving in the Armed Services, a youth group at church, someone going through a difficult time in their lives or a family member in need (please see also Care and Feeding of the HoldingCross).
The HoldingCross is our favorite cross to make. They are approximately 4.500L  x 2.750W x .875T. 
Each dimension is important. The length, width and thickness were inspired to help to cradle The HoldingCross in the hand - any hand. Each piece of wood is unique, like us.
The initial rough edges are smoothed over, like the Lord does with us. The color and shape varies slightly, like each of His children.
With the exception of Engraved HoldingCrossesand our HoldingCrosses sold at retail stores, 
each will come in an organza gift bag.   Included is a StoryTag or StoryScroll telling
The HoldingCross story and describing the wood used. The length, width and thickness of The HoldingCross, we believe,
were inspired to minister to every hand and to every soul. 

What is different about the work we do is that we prayerfully decided that each HoldingCross, 
would be natural. Each HoldingCrosswould be unique. Each HoldingCrosswould glorify 
The Father and His Son - Jesus.
of the wooden crosses we make (see About the Products). 

The pictures on the website pages are of actual HoldingCrosses. Sometimes, we will take a picture of two crosses 
to give you an idea of the color variance. Just because we have two HoldingCrosses in the picture doesn't 
mean the price is for two ... the price is for each HoldingCross (people have asked so we needed to put this
disclaimer in).

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