Handcrafted wooden crosses and ministry tools
for the Body of Christ
For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith;
and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.
Ephesians 2:8


“Thank you for your wonderful products that bring hope during some difficult times.”
                ~ Harker Heights, Texas USA ~
“I was given a HoldingCross as a gift and they are a beautiful way to enhance prayer and feel the presence of Christ. Thank you for this ministry.”
Brewster, Massachusetts USA  ~
Yesterday I had a medical procedure at a local facility. The recovery room nurse who cared for me was named Sandee. As she was walking me to the door to leave I reached in my pocket and gave her my holding cross. I thought she was going to start crying right there. In 30 seconds she told me how much she needed prayer and the Lord, but was feeling God was not answering her prayers, as she asked them……….sounds like all of us, right. I quickly told her God answers prayer in many ways and to keep talking to Him. She asked me to pray for her and all that’s happening n her life. I have no idea what that is, but will ask the Lord to watch over her each day.
Amazing how those crosses the Lord make through each of you help so many. Keep on keeping on………………………………….
~ Plano, Texas USA ~
I came up to your booth in the Mall at Christmas.  I was more curious than anything.  What were those things, I thought?  As you described them and how they are used I decided these would be the perfect gift for my family this year.  You see, I'm being deployed overseas in January and I wanted something very personal and very special for each person in my family. I had been wandering around the mall thinking about what to give and found exactly what I need.  Thank you for making this Christmas so special for me.
~ Denton, Texas USA  ~
I gave a HoldingCross to someone at Church last week.  She was going through some tough times and I thought she might be able to use it at this time in her life.  Well, you thought I gave her a million dollars!  She was so thankful. She was in tears (of joy).  It was just amazing.  
~ Austin, TX USA  ~
I received my HoldingCross from my grandmother. It had my name engraved on it and a special note from her engraved on  the other side.  She gave it to me for Christmas. It is very special. She taught all of her grandchildren so much about prayer  
~ Greensboro, NC USA  ~
Thank you so much for helping me with a very special gift for my best friend of 70 years. She and I grew up together, went to High School and College together, found our husbands and got married in the same year and raised our children and families together.  I wanted a unique gift and your suggestion of the Entwined Heart HoldingCross was perfect. Putting her name with her husband and their wedding date on the other side made their 50th Wedding Gift VERY personal. Blessings to you!  
~ Lansing, MI USA  ~
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