Handcrafted wooden crosses and ministry tools
for the Body of Christ
For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith;
and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.
Ephesians 2:8


“So many in our little town have been blessed since I returned from Convention with the few HoldingCross I was able to purchase there. Thank you for this ministry.”
Honeoye Falls, New York USA ~
“I would like to order the Large MinistryPack in memory of my mom to donate to our Hospice unit here in Hamilton. My good friend is the social worker there and she has seen what goodness comes from the people who are on their journey when they take hold of the cross. I know my mom would be proud to have this donation made in her memory.”
Hamilton, Ohio USA ~
Just a quick note to say Thank You.  My nine year old boy bought one of your HoldingCrosses with his own money last year.  It's been amazing to see what God has been doing in his life since then.  He takes his HoldingCross everywhere he goes.  He seems to pray more often. He seems to be paying attention to the important things more.  He seems to be more polite and greatful.  I know it's not that piece of wood.  I know it's the Holy Spirit working in him. Your ministry touches so many.  Thanks again!
~ Dallas, Texas ~
“Just wanted to let you know the wedding ring cross arrived in time and my wife love it. She greatly admired the craftsmanship, even down to the bow you wrapped it in. I presented it to her as is. She was very moved. Thank you very much for your hard work in such a short time frame. The cross will always be a magnificent memento of our 5th anniversary.:
Louisville, Kentucky USA ~

“I received one of your beautiful HoldingCrosses as a gift this Christmas. I am blind so holding the cross and feeling its smoothness made such a wonderful connecting point for me with my Beloved Savior. Many blessings on your special ministry.”                
Newtown, Pennsylvania USA

 My daughter is going into surgery next week.  Please send me a HoldingCross as soon as you can.  I just don't want to send her flowers or something.  She is special and I want something special for her. She gave me one last year when I was going through some difficulty and it was so comforting to me.  I know she will have the same experience.
~  Sacramento, CA ~


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