Handcrafted wooden crosses and ministry tools
for the Body of Christ
For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith;
and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.
Ephesians 2:8

God Stories - part 2 - Introducing Lola

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This one is about Lola.  She has worked with us for over ten years now. 

Lola is in her mid-70's.  Shes a crusty Texas woman.  She has 17 grandchildren.  Her hands are crumpled and knarled with age.

Since childhood, she has known Jesus as her Lord and Savior. 

We met Lola at church. Her sister introduced her to us. She had come to live with her sister after a divorce that left her penniless and without a home. Lola's eyes were lost in a fog. She had no self esteem. She was just glad to be alive and thankful that her sister was able to care for her.

Carol asked Lola if she could sand wood. Lola said she could try. Jack asked Lola to come to the shop and he would teach her how to sand. Lola agreed.  She later told us that all she wanted to do was to earn some money for gas to be able to visit her children and grandchildren. 

Lola has been sanding ever since. She bought a car. She sees her grandchildren regularly. She even has learned how to save enough to buy Christmas presents every year.

Lola works beside Jack in the shop. She puts on her FM-radio and earpieces and listens to the radio all day at work. She listens only to Christian teaching. She never had time to go to women's retreats or bible studies. Now, God has redeemed the time and Lola is learning and sharing the Gospel with a whole new generation. 

"Without HoldingCross, I would not be able to see my children. Without HoldingCross, I would not have been able to learn like I have been these past years. Without HoldingCross, I don't know what I'd do", she says. 

During the summer months of 2009, the economy was struggling and churches were cutting back. A number of "competitors" had entered into the marketplace who had coveted our work and were taking business away from our ministry. We laid off several employees and cut back hours for others.  Lola came to us and said if it was too hard to pay for her salary, she would work for free.  She wanted to give back. She's part of the family.

By the grace of God, we were able to get through a difficult time. We didn't need Lola to work for free.  Her paycheck was smaller, but  she was still getting a paycheck. She is learning how to help Carol in the office now. She is also helping to do some of the beading work, too. 

Some people think we are a big company making lot's of money.  No, we're a very small family making wooden crosses for many.  We make a small profit for our only income and we pay our employees a good wage.

When you see a "cheap" imitation of a Holding Cross in a catalog or on a store shelf, most of those took the concept from us. They were not supposed to, but we live in a fallen world. Pray for them to repent and pray for us that we might continue to help Lola and all of the people that see our work and ministry as an extension of their part of the kingdom work of the Lord.

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