Handcrafted wooden crosses and ministry tools
for the Body of Christ
For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith;
and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.
Ephesians 2:8


One of the unique ways we can assist you in making a special gift is by offering personalization. There are three different styles of personalization we offer based on the product you are purchasing.

Types of Personalization.

1.  When you are purchasing any gift that is being sent from us directly to another rather than shipping to you and then you shipping it a second time, you can instruct us to write a personal and hand written note on your behalf.  We would be glad to do that for you and insert it in with your package.


2.  If you order ten or more HoldingCrosses of the same wood for a special event, we can personalize the left panel of the HoldingCross StoryTag.  

 The StoryTag is a 4.25" wide by 3.25" high and is folded to have four sides.  We have designed the inside left panel to be available for your personalized information. 

The approximate area to print is 3.25" by 2.75" to allow for margins all around the card.  Inside that 3.25" x 2.75" space you can design your message.  Remember to orient your message to be landscape.

Many customers use their logo as part of their message.  Several customers also refer a special  scripture or a personal note. 

We can accept a print ready jpg  or bmp file or a word document.  Your choice.  IF your eyes glazed over with the previous sentence ... just send us an email with the text you would like and a suggestion of what you are thinking and we'll work with you.

Please note: This offer is not available for MinistryPack HoldingCrosses.


3.  If you are purchasing a Framed item, the back of the frame is a wonderful place to put a very special personal note. 

The Framed item will always have a laminated message on the back of the frame. It will include the name of the cross, a brief description of the design and the wood used for the cross or artwork and our HoldingCross.com contact information. 

We can expand the laminated message to also include your personal message.  It could be the Wedding date and the name of the couple. I t could be a personal message from the congregation to the Pastor. It could be the names of all of the personal friends that contributed to this gift and wanted to say thank you.  It could be a poem or story.  You just need to write it and give us the information to include on the back.  Please limit your message to a size of 7.5" wide and 6" high.



We believe this service is one of the wonderful ways we can minister along side your work. We want the HoldingCross gift to be your gift. 

Let is know how we can serve you in this offering. 



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